Grinning Heart : The Meeting

11 Aug


This is a simple short Kinetic Comedy Novel about a vampire and a lost traveller.
The story begins with a bored Vampire who stayed in the castle over thousands years, and he wants something new in his life.
And Suddenly, a traveller with unexpected circumstance, come to his life.
The traveller true self was a famous handsome-man hunter, person who go around the world to take handsome-man’s photographs. And the vampire is her next prey.
While she was acting cool, she didn’t know that the Vampire can read her mind.


This KN is just silly! It’s quite funny and the art is great~ If you want to have a little entertainment, this KN is perfect for you :3 You need to download the game to play. This game have 3 versions: the English version, Bahasa Indonesia version and the Deutsche version



She keep unnamed untill the end of the game. She was a hot-blooded naive woman that travel around the world to fullfill her desire: to collect handsome-man photographs as much as she can. Even she always being rejected to take their pictures, she won’t give up and will do whatever it takes to do her ambition, as long as it won’t hurt her pride. She was a happy-go-lucky type of person anyway.


He also keep unnamed untill the end of the game. He was a cool and tricky person. An immortal that lives for thousand of years. And cannot leave the castle because of a reason. He spend his eternity in boredom, untill the traveller come to save his life.


English version : WindowsMacLinux
Bahasa Indonesia version : WindowsMacLinux
Deutsche version : WindowsMacLinux


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